October 15, 2016

Aisha Buhari doesn’t belong to the kitchen, she is the epitome of the modern woman – Bishop Magic

Aisha Buhari doesn't belong to the kitchen, she is the epitome of the modern woman - Bishop Magic

This is an opinion piece by a Somtoo Okoye blog reader, Bishop Magic, who is reacting on President Buhari and his wife, Aisha Buhari’s exchange of words on media on Friday (read here and here).

Bisho Magic writes:

Aisha Buhari doesn’t belong to the kitchen, she is the epitome of the modern woman

Aisha Buhari’s open critiscm of her husband’s administration in the viral interview she granted the BBC, exposed deep frustration of her living with Buhari.

She knows her husband probably more than anybody living today as a stubborn, arrogant, inflexible and one who likes being reminded of his mythical puritan disposition by sycophants over the years.

She must have witnessed so many inflexible and naive moves by Buhari in her 27yr marriage to him to know his weakness and failures.

Her public outbursts and open critism of her husband’s style of governance (a first ever by any first lady) shows a woman tired and nearly at the point of giving up on her own husband.

I admire her courage to speak up and also her determination to see that Buhari gets his act together which will rid his presidency of the desperate self serving cabal who she rightly claim were nowhere to be found before her husband was sworn in.

Her statements can not be taken back and Buhari’s cringe worthy response to her complaints in front of the whole world is bound to lead to more fracas between husband and wife in the “other room”.

The cabal will not relinquish their vice control on Buhari over Aisha’s worries but rather their grip and isolation on her husband will be tightened.

Aisha is no fool. She did know before the interview the forces she was going against which included the cabal, Conservative forces in northern Nigeria and her own marriage to her husband. This is where I have began to admire her courage. She after all has a lot to lose by making that statement just as she was heavily criticised by the same conservative elements over her choice in clothing when she purportedly visited the US.

It is from this great turmoil she is about to face from the chauvinist enclave that she can finally find her own voice. She has both the charm, charisma and passion for whatever she sets out to achieve as we all witnessed the relentless zeal she campaigned for her husband who often times cancelled appearances in his campaign train over a myriad of health challenges.

It is from her new found popularity among true progressives and subsequently notoriety from the northern hawks that she can now have a voice of her own instead of speaking on behalf of a man who considers her best for the kitchen despite all her selfless contributions.

I believe we have found a champion for women’s rights in Aisha Buhari and her employ her to use her new found position to vigorously fight the chauvinistic archaic bullies that have kept down the northern woman.

She has everything for her now and nothing to lose. In some ways I see Aisha as the first through champion of women’s rights and a true first lady in the making.


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