April 4, 2016

Always Lock Your Gates: A Lesson From A Blog Reader’s Experience

Always Lock Your Gates: A Lesson From A Blog Reader's Experience 

NGLatest dearie Chinwe narrated her experience and how y’all dearest NGLatest blog readers out there should stay safe.

Read and learn from her story:

Hello everyone

I want to share the incident that happened this morning so we’ll be more security conscious.

was sweeping the compound this morning, my dad was taking his bath, mum
was preparing Breakfast, my coz was washing the car wen we heard noise
outside, I looked out to c to guys beating up and trying to drag a guy
forward, it’s not uncommon around here I thought it’d be a thief. I
continued with what I was doing.

All of a sudden they entered
the gate, and the guy they were dragging broke free from them, entered
our parlor and locked himself in. My mum opened a door from another room
that led to the parlor wen she heard me scream but the guy pushed her
away and fled through the backyard and jumped out of the compound. The
other guys dragging him tried chasing him but lost him.

I ran inside, to help mum up, dad was there already so I checked for my phones but they were no where to b found.

told my dad, we both ran in the direction he escaped from and we saw 1
of my phones on the floor, it must have fallen off wen he tried to jump

Thank God nobody was hurt.

Please always lock your gates!

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