June 9, 2016

Anglican bishop: Fashola is a lawyer, why make him Power minister?

Anglican bishop: Fashola is a lawyer, why make him Power minister?
Anglican archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical Province, Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma, has critisized Muhammadu Buhari’s government.
An excerpt from his interview with Sun Newspapers:

Babatunde Fashola is a lawyer, who would have fitted better as attorney general of the federation but you find him in Power, Works and Housing. What does he know about power? Yes, he was a governor, but being a governor is different from being a federal minister. They are not even related at all. Headship of a ministry should be purely on professional basis. Look at Chris Ngige that is in Labour. He is a medical doctor that would have fitted better in the health sector. There are several others like that. Nigeria has come to a point where appointments should take the shape of round pegs in round holes and not the other way round. The president did well by appointing medical experts as both the senior and junior ministers to man the health ministry and it is commendable. He should shun corruption and repeat same in other sectors.

On Fulani herdsen killing people nationwide, Chukwuma said:

The incidence of herdsmen is a matter of people orchestrating some sort of strategies to Islamise Nigeria. That is why nobody has been arrested and prosecuted over it, just as we have in the case of Boko Haram. The president has not also seen reason to make any categorical presidential declaration over it, not even in his recent 2016 Democracy Day address. So, you can see that it is another tricky way of trying to Islamize the country. That is why you see the people spreading their attacks across the country, unruffled. The federal government must declare a state of emergency over the AK-47-carrying rampaging evil herdsmen and not unleashing military guns on placard-carrying youths holding peaceful rally in the east.

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