June 10, 2016

Badoo rapes yet another lady in Lagos

Residents of Ikorodu in Lagos State have cried out to authorities over the frequent escapades of a man who moves around in the dead of the night serially raping women and putting them to death in a Jack-The-Ripper style. The assailant has been codenamed Badoo and is said to have molested and killed another victim, Grace Obinna, a Ghanaian woman married to a Nigerian man, just last Sunday.
Badoo rapes yet another lady in Lagos

The woman’s husband was away and Badoo was said to have gained access into her bedroom via the window. He reportedly struck her head with a sharp weapon and she died after the act. Badoo does not steal from victims, the community said.

Abayomi Adelakun, chairman of the Landlords’ Association in Oke Ota vicinity of the Ikorodu area said during a protest carried out by residents on Thursday:

“Two weeks ago, he came to Oke Ota and attacked an 86-year-old grandma. He attempted To Molest her, but when she resisted, he injured her in the nose. The woman was rushed to a hospital. She survived the attack.

“On Sunday, around 1am, I was called by a security man that Badoo had raped and brutalised Grace (Obinna), who was a teacher with a nine-month-old baby. When we got to the scene, I could not recognise the lady again. All her teeth had been removed; she was in a pool of blood. She was rejected at two hospitals, but confirmed dead at LASUTH.

“Badoo forces himself into women’s rooms, rapes and brutalises them if they resist. He was doing that in neighbouring communities and has now come to Oke Ota.”

Awoyemi Tijani, the local chief of the community added:

“Nobody has seen him in the daytime. I don’t know what he looks like. We call on the government to guarantee our security and safety. Since the day we heard about this, my wife no longer sleeps at home. I am wondering if Badoo is a spirit.”

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