June 7, 2016

Buhari should return to Nigeria immediately to treat his ear infection – Nigerian doctors

Buhari should return to Nigeria immediately to treat his ear infection - Nigerian doctors

The Commonwealth Medical Association has condemned president Muhammadu Buhari’s voyage to London, United Kingdom to seek remedy for his ear infection known as Meniere’s disease.

Vice president of the Commonwealth Medical Association, Dr. Osahon Enabulele, said that Buhari’s foreign medical trip is a huge embarrassment to Nigerian doctors even at the presence of over 250 Ear Nose an Throat (ENT) doctors in the country.
His words:

“Mr. President should make a clear public pronouncement on his resolve to show leadership by example with respect to the utilization of the medical expertise and facilities that abound in Nigeria by him and other members of the Federal Executive Council, particularly in concrete expression of section 46 of the National Health Act which seeks to address the abuse of tax payers’ resources through frivolous foreign medical travels embarked upon by political and public office holders.

“If it is a case where the health facilities/equipment are unavailable then the President should have used his current medical situation, though unfortunate, to commence the Federal Government’s plan to re-equip Nigerian hospitals with modern state-of-the art health facilities, by ordering for the needed medical equipment to enable the locally available Nigerian trained ENT specialists to attend to him, and thereafter use same facilities to attend to other Nigerians with similar conditions.

 “Indeed, it will be a win-win situation for Nigeria as Mr. President will not only get managed with the imported medical facilities and expertise; he would save Nigeria the capital flight that would result from his planned foreign medical trip.”

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