October 8, 2016

Confused kady cries out: I love him but…

Confused kady cries out: I love him but...

From a female blog reader:

Thanks for this platform please keep me anonymous as I share my story, my bf and I have been dating for over a year now and the problem is that he is extremely jealous and very insecure always accusing me of cheating, everytime I dnt pick up the phone or call him its another cheating accusation, I really do love him and I have been 100% faithful but I just cant catch a break mind you we r both 23, he is currently unemployed and still in uni that means he is always broke. So I have to pay for most of our dates m so frustrated with the cheating accusations and can nolonger take it.. He stalks my facebook, whatsaap and goes through my phone thoroughly. He claims that no one can love me the way he does cause he introduced me to his parents but I just feel m settling for less I prayed he changes but the more I talk to him I get drained out of my energy.. So family I need advice on how to end this relationship..


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