February 24, 2017

Dane charged with blasphemy, first in 46 years

Dane charged with blasphemy, first in 46 years

 A Danish man who burnt a Koran has been charged with blasphemy.

It is reportedly the first time in 46 years someone will be charged for mocking a community’s religion or doctrine.

The charge carries a jail time of up to four months.
The prosecutor, Jan Reckendorff, says:

‘It is our opinion that the circumstances of this case mean it should be prosecuted so the courts now have an opportunity to take a position on the matter.’ In Denmark, publicly insulting or degrading religious books is punishable with imprisonment or fines under clause 140 of the country’s penal code. The last time a prosecution was brought was in 1971 when two producers for Denmark Radio were arraigned after airing a song mocking Christianity. They were later acquitted.


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