February 20, 2017

Dare to swear by our local deities- Pete Edochie

Dare to swear by our local deities- Pete Edochie

Legendary actor, Pete Edochie, has prescribed an indigenous way of fighting corruption.

He has urged government officials to take oath of office using local deities like Ogun, Amadioha, and the rest.
  Speaking at the courtesy call he and other actors paid former Ghanaian president Jerry Rawlings at his home. He argued that God easily forgave, but not these deities.

“Ghana is a predominately Christian country, just like Nigeria is. If people swear by the Bible, they go out and steal. What about if they swear by the local deities, that will curb corruption because the mere thought of it, it will stop corruption,” he said.

‘God gives you a long rope according to the Bible, the local deities don’t. The moment you go against them, they will kill you. If you swear that you are not going to take a kobo from the government and you do, you will be cut down,” the actor, popular for his witty use of proverbs during his dialogues in movies, noted.


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