June 13, 2016

Dr. Sid: I can’t float my own record label just because Lil Kesh did

Dr. Sid: I can't float my own record label just because Lil Kesh did
In a recent interview with Leadership Newspapers, Marvin Records artiste, Dr. Sid (real name Sidney Onoriode Esiri), said:

“People keep asking me this question. Because Lil Kesh has started a record label and now people think I should.

“Well, the truth is most artistes, who start record labels, want to be independent. And the question is why do they want to be independent? If you are in a situation that works, if every of your needs are met, if you have a great boss, your bank account is credited timely, everything is fine, why would you want to leave?

“You might say, I want to have my own label. But that is not based on functionality. A record label should not be something you want to possess. It is business. And it is important to say that it is not beans [easy] to have a record label. It is not beans to take care of yourself, let alone other people.

“Being in Mavin records has not hindered my progress in anyway; it has not stopped the money in my bank account. I give the record label what is due to it and the record label does its part. In the end, it is business. It is a partnership.

“I do not have a problem with anyone opening their own label. If it works for them fine. I am not going to put myself in a situation just because everybody says or is doing so. What I have works.”

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