April 11, 2016

Femi Falana Drags Buhari To Court Over $2bn China Loan

 Femi Falana Drags Buhari To Court Over $2bn China Loan

Media activist and lawyer Femi Falana has threatened to sue Muhammadu Buhari as the president departed the country with 9 ministers in a bid to secure a $2bn loan from China on Sunday evening. Falana stated that Buhari could use money from the alleged $200bn his government has claimed to have recovered from looters of the past regime.

Said Femi Falana:

“In the light of the foregoing, we are compelled to call on the Federal Government to muster the political will and courage to recover the aforesaid withheld or stolen wealth of not less than $200bn belonging to the Nigerian people.

“However, if you refuse to accede to our request we shall have no alternative than to initiate legal proceedings at the Federal High Court with a view to restraining the Federal Government from further plunging the nation into external indebtedness.

“In your reply dated March 17, 2016 you assured us that the issues raised in our letter were receiving the attention of the Federal Government.

“We were therefore surprised to learn that the Administration had applied to the Chinese Government for another loan of $2bn.

“In urging the Federal Government to desist from taking the loan of $2bn from China or any other country we are compelled to advise the Federal Government to intensify efforts to recover the nation’s wealth which has been criminally diverted by a handful of local and foreign looters.”

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