October 6, 2016

Freeze writes on suspended Hausa movie actress Rahama Sauda

Freeze writes on suspended Hausa movie actress Rahama Sauda

Social media was abuzz days ago after it was revealed that Kannywood, the Hausa movie version of Nollywood, put an actress named Rahama Sauda on suspension after she featured in an “inappropriate” music video.

Sauda’s offense was hugging a singer from behind in a music video and many people felt outraged over the suspension. Now, OAP Freeze has commented on the issue.

Freeze wrote:

I saw the heartbreaking news, that this lady, Rahama Sauda, was banned from kannywood. I took the time out to watch the video, and found classiq the rapper very talented, and the song, I love you, which I have already scheduled for rotation on my show, a very lovely piece of musical artwork.
I cannot deny Kannywood, the right to enforce their ideology and standards and neither am I, in anyway judging their actions, however, this could an opportunity for Rahama, to explore other pursuits.

Prior to this, I didn’t know who Rahama was, and I am sure many of us didn’t either, so this burst of publicity could be the ‘injection of fame’, her career needed to cross her over into the next level!
I hope Rahama is not spending this time crying over the closing of one door, as a huge window has been thrown open for her. I’m sure there is a place for her in Nollywood, or even Hollywood, if she fine tunes her craft. Many of us are unaware of our capabilities, thus allowing this ignorance of our potential, to unconsciously bind us with invisible chains, making us slaves to those who know our worth and have the capacity to exploit it.

Rahama, the window has been thrown open, the world is your oyster and you are the pearl! ~FRZ


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