June 15, 2016

GEJ threatens to sue UK Sun: I don’t have any house outside Nigeria

GEJ threatens to sue UK Sun: I don't have any house outside Nigeria
Former president of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan in an unusual manner, sounded harsh words to United Kingdom Sun Newspapers (not affiliated with Nigerian Sun) over an article suggesting that he bought a £15 million property in the UK.
GEJ threatens to sue UK Sun: I don't have any house outside Nigeria
The said op-ed article was written by Kelvin MacKenzie on the Sunday 12 June 2016 edition of the paper.

In a statement signed by GEJ’s SSA on Meida Ikechukwu Eze, the Bayelsa -born Zoologist said:

“Nothing could be further from the truth. Dr. Goodluck Jonathan takes pride in the fact that he does not have any property or accounts outside Nigeria. He stated this publicly while in office and his commitment to Nigeria’s economy remains total even after he left power.

“As the Nigerian President who signed the Freedom of Information bill into law, Dr. Jonathan is well aware that the United Kingdom is a nation with good record keeping at county and national levels and as such, it will not take a serious and responsible media long to verify ownership of property before rushing to the press with potentially libellous publications.

“It is hoped that this publication will correct its error and do a retraction and that other media will likewise follow up on this story to put the lie to the details it contains.”

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