June 20, 2016

Government is behind Niger Delta Avengers – Militants

Government is behind Niger Delta Avengers - Militants

Wanted former militant leader Government Ekpemupolo aka Tompolo is the force behind pipeline-bombing Niger Delta Avengers, another militant group Niger Delta Patriotic Front (NDPF) has alleged.

Spokesman of NDPF in a statement on Sunday said:

“​When they had a God- given opportunity to impact positively on the region by the countless favours and benefits they accessed from our brother, the former President, what did they do with it? “Rather they cheated their own very community, unintelligently stole and diverted government funds like primitive men that they are and abused the privileges of their offices for personal gains.

“‎​It is unfortunate that the Ijaw Nation has been on silent mode since this senseless criminal action orchestrated by Tompolo.

“By their silence, they have acquiesced to Tompolo’s madness, and they should remember what Ijaw stands for and know that the struggle for inclusion, environmental, economic and political rights of the Ijaw Nation cannot be championed by known thieves in the guise of freedom fighters and occasional resource control enthusiasts.”

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