June 25, 2016

Governor Fayose is ready for Buhari’s “mad dogs” – aide

Governor Fayose is ready for Buhari's "mad dogs" - aide

Media aide to governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State has announced that the PDP politician is ready for Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari’s “mad dogs” in a statement released on Friday 24th June.

His words:

“It should be understood that the Department of State Service ( DSS) and the Economic and Financial Crime Commission ( EFCC) are both agents of the Federal Government working for President Muhammadu Buhari to unleash terror on the political opponents and perceived enemies of Mr President.

“Governor Ayodele Fayose, being the major voice of opposition against the obnoxious policies and selective fight against corruption by Buhari, has been a target by these agencies to harass, intimidate with phantom charges purposely to silence.

“Buhari is very intolerant of opposition, and virile opposition is an ingredient of democracy. Buhari, being a military man is not comforted with his policies or action to either to be opposed or criticized. The President is gradually moving Nigeria to fascism. This was how Adolf Hitler started by bringing the police, secret service, army under his grip to send his political opponents to jail, while others were killed.

“Governor Fayose is not moved by the harassment and intimidation. Buhari cannot silence him. His is a governor elected and enjoying the same immunity like Buhari as guaranteed by the Nigerian Constitution.

“Governor Fayose will continue to provide virile opposition, Buhari can never succeed to silence him. We are daily ready and prepared for the onslaught against us by the Buhari mad dogs.
“In all honesty Governor Fayose did not receive money from Dasuki. Neither has Dasuki nor anybody mention the governor as beneficiary of the arms money. Fayose’s election was funded majorly by the Zenith Bank. The bank had been a business partner of the governor ever before he joined politics. His company’s account, (Spotless Investment Limited) is domiciled in Zenith Bank.

“Their is no correlation between money donated by the Zenith Bank to fund his election and the much talked about arms money. No arms money was given to him either by cash or electronic transfer. We are ready to defend this in any court.

“We are not surprised because the EFCC style is to threaten or harass suspect to submission, and force him/her to make statement under duress like in fascist state. The Zenith Bank was coerced by the EFCC to lie against the Governor that arms money was paid to fund his election.. But it was a failed project abinitio because the Zenith Bank does not have concrete evidence linking Fayose to the lies. That was why management of the bank has to dispatch a team led by an executive director to apologise to Governor Fayose in Ado Ekiti on 22/6/16 for lying against him.
“Most of the people accused of corruption so far belongs to the opposing political party as if those in the APC are saints. If you have stolen public money and want to escape prosecution, join the APC. You are under cover.
“While Buhari is probing election fund of PDP governors, Governors of his party are protected. Sahara Energy, an oil firm provided $60m to fund Buhari’s election, he ordered the EFCC to stop the investigation.

“Instead of Buhari going after perceived political enemies, it is better for him to address problems of hunger, insecurity and unemployment in the country.”

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