March 20, 2017

Group orders Amnesty International out of Nigeria

Group orders Amnesty International out of Nigeria

Following their recent exposure of the extra judicial killing of over 150 pro-Biafran supporters by Nigerian security forces, Amnesty International has been ordered out of Nigeria by a group called Movement For Sovereignty Of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (MFSOFRN).

According to MFSOFRN, Amnesty did not cry out when secessionists were allegedly burying Nigerians in shallow graves (lol) but chose to bark at police and army like “puppies.”

The group’s leader Melvin Ejeh who spoke during a protest at Amnesty’s Nigeria head office in Abuja today, narrated:

“Let us warn at this point that there will be no interval of respite if AI failed to leave Nigeria at the end of the five days as we will activate other more profound options to make them the organization leave Nigeria.”


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