April 7, 2016

“He Claimed He Loves Me But Gave Me The Beating Of My Life”

"He Claimed He Loves Me But Gave Me The Beating Of My Life"

This narration was shared in by a confused NGLatest reader. Kindly read and drop your advice dearies:

I love my husband so much despite his new found love of beating me up even in front of our three years old son, we have been married for 5 years now and he never laid his hands on me not until last year November 13th when I served his food and forgot to bring along his drinking water and ever since then, he keeps beating me on daily bases even sometimes, twice a day.

He also calls me names and has recently stopped me from working. I am scared to tell anyone because I will be called a fool for still being in the marriage. Besides, what will people say if i come out of my marriage that I have been in for barely 5 years.

I am so confused on what to do, I love him and I know he loves me too despite how treats me. I can’t even leave because my child would never forgive me for leaving him to grow up in the hands of another woman. So please, help decide on what to do as I can’t loose my child and marriage just yet.

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