October 18, 2016

“He dusted me up from nothing but he’s now demanding an absurd request”

"He dusted me up from nothing but he's now demanding an absurd request"

From a female blog reader:

I don’t know where to start my story from, I met this amazing guy last year before I met him I was kinda wayward, I go clubbing a lot with my friends when I met him at my friend’s place we had sex that same day and for the first time in my life I came. He started telling me he loves me and he feels like protecting me I wasn’t interested tho even though his my type of guy but as a fuckgirl I was I just said it won’t work, we became best of friends he knew everything about me, came to see my parents so we were besties but he kept asking me out, this guy changed me btw my parents are very rich, I bought my first Benz at age 18 and I spend a lot on guys and all ,I don’t really want to go into details about myself but he is the first guy to buy me stuffs, he has never asked me for anything, he respects me so much, he started taking me out for dinner at 5 star hotels, buys me stuffs, plan vacations abroad with me,made me stop clubbing because I started seeing clubbing as been childish, he takes me to high class parties where you will meet young successful entrepreneurs. He changed my mentality, I don’t even know what to say but he is amazing. I accepted to be his gf earlier this year but I told him ‘let’s see how it goes because am not interested in dating’ he was so happy I accepted although I said I wasn’t really interested. He went to Germany for a business, during the period he went I cheated on him once and he asked when he came back to Nigeria if I cheated on him I told him straight up yes I did but once. I could see disappointment in his eyes but he just hugged me and told me you can do better and am a special person so I should strive to be a better person, we had great sex and when I got to the bathroom I started crying because I lack parental care, my parents never have my time just give me money upon money. I fell in love with him so badly. He has never gone through my phone even when it’s with him. He respects and trust me so much, sometimes I feel like am dreaming So sorry if my story is long but I can’t stop thinking about how he changed me, there was a time I went out with my friends and I lied to him I was in school(we weren’t datingthen ) he came to the hotel I lodged and picked me up I don’t know how he knew I was there, he told me to stop been a bad girl that am an amazing person then he drove me to school, he has done a lot for me. 2 days ago he engaged me with a diamond ring, the happiest day in my life. Now the problem is that I am just 19years he thought I was 23years because am big and I started everything very early.am in my finals so i told him am 19years he was like cool then, we plan on getting married in 2 to 3years so I will be 21 or 22 years but he is saying something like let’s have a baby next year that he doesn’t mind paying my bride price after my graduation next year May or doing a court wedding so I can happily carry our baby, what do u guys think pls? I told him let’s wait till upper year so I will be 21years, he said ok but I feel like I hurt him, this is the first thing he has asked me in his life. He is ready to wait I know that but this is the man I want to marry do u guys think it’s appropriate to get pregnant before my white wedding since we plan on doing that when am 21 or 22years. What should I do? Thanks a bunch.


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