November 29, 2016

He gave me a slap and pushed me out. I think it’s over!

He gave me a slap and pushed me out. I think it's over!

From a female blog reader:

I have been dating my man since December 2015 and everything have been moving fine, this is a man I love and cherish a lot, I have a high libido but with my man there’s nothing like cheating in my dictionary, I knew he had a lot of female frds but I appreciate him bcos he never Denied me access to his phone and same goes to me, I have a childhood friend that was asking me out 2014, but I turn him down bcos I was not ready for a relationship then, last month my mum called and said that the guys sister came asking after my number and she gave it to her, on Sunday the guy chatted me up on what’sapp that’s his coming back this week and he will like to see me, I told him ok but that am in a serious relationship now so if he want to see me based on relationship that he shouldn’t bother and he said ok that he will like to just see me first,I was with my guy since yesterday and we are so happy with each, so this morning he was busy watching my pics when the guy message boom on my what’sapp that his in the country now, that I should pls make out time to see him, he called my attention that I have a message and his mood change I was not comfortable with his attitude so I ask what’s the problem he answer me that question with a slap, I got the shock of my life this morning I was trying to explain to him but he said is over that I have been cheating, he push me out of his house that he don’t want to ever see me again, I was outside his house crying my eyes out 4 more than 20mins when his mum and sis came and ask me to stop crying that his angry now, but when his calm he will call me and since then he have not call, my question is this : Can he ever call? or should I call him and continue begging, what about the slap? my mum said I should forget about him and give the other one a chance, you think she’s right


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