October 4, 2016

“He promised to marry me and then did this”

"He promised to marry me and then did this"

From a female blog reader:

I met this guy last year though he stays abroad.He came back last year may and introduced me to his Family which I did same too.I really love him so much but the point here is ,he is too tepermental.He insults me whenever I annoy him like..thunder fire me,idiot,stupid etc which he apologizes afterwards.He promised to marry me this december once he returns.lately I noticed,he doesn’t call the way he calls.This is someone we talk at length every night 1 to 2hrs on call.I tried to find out why his sudden change and I got the higest insult of my life and hanged phone on me.There is this girl on Facebook that whenever I comment on his photo,I got reply from her hahahahah..I asked my guy whom she is and he insulted me again.Sometimes the girl comments on his photo too like cute boo,sweetie,I love you etc.I have a friend whom he likes so much and she is my bestfriend.I told her to stylishly ask my guy,if he still coming to pay my dowry December and the phone was on speaker out.I was shocked to hear his response that he doesn’t want to talk about marriage things now with her or else he blocks her on what’s app.My friend said ok since you ‘re not interested,please free this girl cos suitors ‘re coming.My boyfriend immediately sent what’s app chat that am free to marry another man.I called him immediately to find out the problem he drop the phone and switched off.The next day he called not even to apologise but he said he is just that will call back later so we can talk.He later called but I did not pick bcos I was so hurt and heartbroken.This incident happened a week ago since then he hasn’t called till date.I blocked him on my Facebook bcos he still comments looking good sweetie,beautiful love on the girl”a photos.Please I really love him so much and don’t know what to do


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