October 4, 2016

“He treats me like I’m nothing”

"He treats me like I'm nothing"

From a female blog reader:

My hubby and I have been married for almost two years now and it’s not been easy at all. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say we’re always having issues, the worst of which is communication. We don’t share ideas, he prefers to share them with his sister and mum, I try to overlook it. Now he doesn’t even like to spend his free time with me anymore or even his son, he’s either out with his sister or his friends, when I try to tell him I’m not happy about it, he turns the table and starts saying that I complain too much. I’m 23, too young to be used as house decoration, when my mates are enjoying their marriage. Financially, we are struggling, but I do not complain at all, as long as our son is okay. I keep feeling like he’s tired of the marriage cos we only got married cos I was pregnant, I don’t love him anymore too cos of the neglect but I’m trying my best to make my marriage work and find joy in my child. I even wish I had someone who would be taking me out so he can be jealous and crave my attention but I have no friend because I lost the freedom to go out or even meet people. I need help and people’s opinion. I’ll be writing my final exam this month and I really look forward to my service year, so I can at least have one friend.


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