April 11, 2016

Help! I’m Getting Worried About Her Size

Help! I'm Getting Worried About Her Size 

An NGLatest reader needs help on his girl:

Should I say I’ve fallen or I fell but then I have this friend I’m
getting used to but she has a tendency of becoming very fat! I like her
personality, her drive, her intelligence but her size worries me.

sisters are all fat and when I noticed this i started talking to her
about reducing her weight which she has agreed and is currently working
on it! I don’t like fat girls but iI’m worried she might not be able to
reduce much since it’s somehow genetic. She was already getting big but
has started reducing. But I’m still worried especially after child
birth, she might explode!

Should I overlook this for the other good qualities of hers? Why can’t i have everything in one package? Advice please.

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