April 27, 2016

“Help! I’m In Love With My Staff”

"Help! I'm In Love With My Staff" 

A young NGLatest reader needs advice. Kindly drop few kind words dearies/

Read his story:

Pls fellow NGL readers, a lady cashier was recently redeployed to the
outlet I manage (fast food comp). She is a nice and beautiful. Lady but
lacks more knowledge of the job which am trying my possible best to put
her through.

Out of her 3 colleagues, she has been the nicest in
terms of caring and being honest. She is in her early 20 and I in
middle 20 but a graduate while she is a waec. holder.

Honestly, I do like. This girl but am pretending because of the nature of the job and my role as her manager.
always get upset when customer try to woo her but in the other way am
happy because of the. Increasing number of customers that come because
of her.
Now, it looks as if she is going out with my lobby boy even when he has noticed that. I have feeling for her.
Am just feeling so disappointed with my self now.
Will punishing her for her wrong doing make those feelings leave me or……….

Please can someone advice me on what to do in order not to sell my respect.


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