April 28, 2016

“Help! My Husband Can’t Make Love To Me”

 "Help! My Husband Can't Make Love To Me"

This was sent in by a devastated NGLatest reader. Kindly drop advice guys and ladies:

Please I want sincere opinion:
Since my husband and I have been
living together for two months now, our sexual lifestyle has been
nothing to write home about. He doesn’t have Attention sometimes and if
he does the sex is not always good.
I need an advice on what I can
do. I am thinking of leaving the marriage and getting another man or
just go out and have sex with another man or just stay with my fate.

or what other thing can you suggest. If you have a sincere advice
please share with me. Just the sex.. Tho you can’t have a 100% guy.. he
loves me and always afraid I can leave him… I am confuse. .. I would
have love that we have Atleast good sexual life.

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