October 5, 2016

Here’s why I believe my husband is cheating on me…

Here's why I believe my husband is cheating on me...

From a female blog reader:

I follow your page and I love reading every post,pls keep me anonymous..been married for one year and 6month and we have a daughter,I must confess I love my husband and he loves me too,he is very nice to people and down to earth .tho he almost cheated on me and I caught him.he begged I forgave him and didn’t let it slide immediately and kept begging eventually we moved on and forgot the past..but I noticed recently I have always been the one initiating sex after long time like 2weeks or 3weeks and I’m tired of doing dat I want to feel wanted too! I have talked to him about it and his reasons are because of my type of job (distributor) I work everyday weekday that I might be too tired cos my job is stressful he doesn’t want to disturb me unless I want it..I believe him but am getting to feel like he’s cheating on me,I have quietly snooped his fone thoroughly like 3 trice and quit since I find nothing am sex starved but I don’t want to initiate this time pls advice what shold I do?


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