February 9, 2017

How do I tell my Facebook love that I’m physically challenged?

How do I tell my Facebook love that I'm physically challenged?

From a female blog reader:

Pls hide my identity am 22 years old and physically challenged I use clutches to walk I met this guy on Facebook I tried all I could to keep this guy from falling in love with me he kept on d pursuits until I finally fell in love with him we started dating online he was all I could wish for but I never had the courage to tell him I am physically challenged I promise to visit him so many times but didn’t I hurt him so much but he still didn’t want to let go,he travelled from a far distance just to see me but I didn’t turn up I kept on lien am afraid he might see me and not like me again I don’t want to hurt him also I really love him but am thinking of quitting d rltnshp am tired of asking why all dis is happening me?please advice me


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