May 13, 2017

I came back and saw my wife’s panties inside the fridge – Angry man

I came back and saw my wife's panties inside the fridge - Angry manFrom a male blog reader:

I need your crew to give me advise before I run mad. I came back from work now and saw my wives panties on the fridge in the kitchen ,like removed used panties. I smelt it and was smelling dick dick,I confronted her with it and she told me that she came back home tired and hot,and she rushed into the kitchen to boil water to bath and just took it off,kept on the fridge and forgot . How can you be boiling hot water to bath when u are hot,I don’t understand ? And she twisted it and said that she meant that she wanted to boil water for Eba and took off her panties . Pls bom family,should I buy this silly lies or I should Send her back to her parents till she confesses.
I have attached the picture as evidence because she might deny it . Am trying so hard not to hit her because of all this domestic violence stories trending around . Help me .

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