October 24, 2016

“I can’t explain my relationship with this white guy”

"I can't explain my relationship with this white guy"

From a female blog reader:

So there’s this guy I’ve been friends with for some years now. I lost my virginity to him this year. We have a lot of things we’ve accomplished together. We own and run a company we started together. He gets jealous when i play or flirt with other guys. Sometimes i get jealous too if he’s being too friendly with female employees. He doesn’t have any girlfriend or is involved with any girl (i know cos i check his phone when he’s sleeping i know i shouldn’t be doing that but i do ). We sleep over at each other’s house a lot and sometimes when i get bad dreams he’ll hold me till i fall asleep. We go out to dinners and stuff. I travelled out for some months now on a business trip and we talk almost everyday on the phone and Facetime. And he’ll tell that just hearing my voice or seeing my face gives him an erection. Even now that i’m not in the country when i get scary dreams i facetime him and he’ll just tell me to look at him and not be scared that i’m beautiful till i fall asleep again. We’ve never discussed feelings or what exactly it is that we are doing. I don’t want to ask him just incase he doesn’t feel anything special. Sometimes i wonder if he’s this nice because he’s a white guy or he likes me? I like him but i pretend not to. Does he like me but can’t say anything because he thinks im not into him?


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