September 21, 2016

“I cheated once and my boyfriend turned into a chronic womanizer”

"I cheated once and my boyfriend turned into a chronic womanizer"

From a female blog reader:

Please i really need yr help.. M n a relationship with a guy for four years which clock today.. We are in love.. Gave him virginityBuh am really worried.. Truly he is faithful, but due to our educational differences, was scared of the future,, two years ago, i cheated on him , buh could not keep the new relationship for more than two weeks.. I had to open up and confessed wht i did.. He was really broken and the worst of all is the new guy blackmailed me, which made the matter worst… He accepted my apologies…. Things were fine until last year.. Was on Industrial Trainning.. he strted seeing this new gal.. Since then he has been hurting me after many talks, he confessed he was not sure.. I wnt hurt him again so he was advised to have a back up.. He keeps apologizing every time he hurt me… That he sincerely wants me.. Recently he promised he is gonna b back being faithful… But please help me am scared.. Of him shattering me..and i really dnt wanna repeat my mistakes of cheating


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