October 24, 2016

I don’t know how to end my relationship with her

I don't know how to end my relationship with her

From a male blog reader:

I just met a girl. Agreed we should date. I like her. I find myself alrdy thinking alot and want to do everything with her, I’m attracted to her, and its been a while I felt this way or had a girl that fits into my criteria to date. She’s my kind of girl and our meet up was simple, she walked into my office to market and we started talking, and interest grew.
But the problem is I have another girl I’m currently seeing. I told the new one about her tho. I’m not a cheat, I don’t know how to stop seeing this present girl I am with and I don’t want to hurt her. I like and care about her. I’m willing to give or provide all she needs to be better, but I don’t love her enough to decide to marry her or showcase her. I take pride in my woman and showcase my woman alot.
Long story short. I want to end the relationship and focus on this new one. Guys in house. Awon Yoruba Demons, e ja mi si how to end a relationship.
I don’t do two women, am a one man one woman. Can’t handle the stress of two. Pls advice. Thanks


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