October 23, 2016

“I don’t love my husband anymore”

"I don't love my husband anymore"

From a female blog reader:

plz i nid ur take on this issue. I used to luv my husband soo much but i dnt think i do anymore.since we married my husband has not for once told me he luvs me,not even for one second. We hve been married for 2yrs now n d thing is he has fertility issues asin low sperm count but he is not helping matters atall,infact its like hes not bothered cos he still goes about drinking wen he was told not to drink till everything is sorted out. He doesnt show any sign of care instead He goes about cheating wit several girls. Pls do u think i shld leave d marriage cos am just fed up. His family wont know hes d one wit d problem. Note: i hve spoken to him a million times i just feel he is under a spell or do u guys think he has a child somewhere


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