June 1, 2016

“I paid some guys to deal with my wife”

"I paid some guys to deal with my wife" 

According to blog reader who needs help:

I am broken
I am shattered
Am going mad
So I must talk to someone before i loose it .
Few years ago I paid some guys to rape my wife, because she cheated on me .
I tried to forgive her but I could not .
I needed to get my own pound of flesh since I vowed to my late father never to divorce her .
She cheated on me with my cousin because she said i had a small manhood and could not satisfy her sexual
I needed to give her over dose of sex that was why I paid 8 guys to rape her .
She was infected with some disease which affected her womb with time since we did not dictate it in time .
My wife has lived in fear and bitterness and my conscience has killed me for years .
She cries to sleep every day and place a curse on those men that raped her
Her prayers break my heart most times and I feel like I will drop dead some day .
I have never told anybody this , but I am comfortable sharing it here because am faceless .
Do I need a confession to my wife ?
Or should I just walk away from her life ?
I think if I tell her I will kill her the more
And I feel I owe that .
Am not a wicked man but a broken man who was betrayed by love .
Help me post this administrator of this page .
I need answers .

Please mature replies only.

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