October 24, 2016

If your man doesn’t give you money, he does not love you – blog reader

If your man doesn't give you money, he does not love you - blog reader

From a male blog reader:

Pls help post this thanks a lot .I am one of your good follower I have been fan for almost a year now.I really feel bad when I see how some girls complain about their boyfriend or husband not giving them money or buy gift for them. See ladies any guy who doesn’t buy gift or give you money he does not love you. If the guy does not have and you love him try to understand and be patient with him. But if the guy has money he is doing well for himself and he tell you he love you so much and he want to marry you. And he does not give you money or buy you gift please break up with him.i am a guy as well I can’t go into relationship without giving my girl money or buying gift for her ,take her to expensive location. Show her you love her. You have no idea the blessing and feelings you get when you take care of ur woman. Many guys will say I am testing a lady if she likes money ,if she is after material things. God I hate this. Even me don’t try me with material things I will fall. Money and love move together. So pls guys let’s change if you love ur GF give her money buy her gift ,support her if you don’t have let her know you don’t have when you have don’t let her ask you make her smile.stop been stingy to that pretty sister. And for the girls try to be nice if you have enough buy him nice gift surprise him once in a while. Even me wen dey talk no girl don give me Gift before but e no stop me from giving when I have enough .Remember say if we carry olosho how much we dey pay ? Olosho won’t come if no money ooo let’s be nice..let’s be nice and take care of our women . For guys who always cry saying she left me cos I have no money. Bros no feel bad or cry .even you self do u like ur self when u don’t have money. God help us enjoy ur weekend .


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