January 21, 2017

I'm a virgin but started dating a cute guy and this happened…

I'm a virgin but started dating a cute guy and this happened...

From a female blog reader:

Good morning. I’d like for you to post this and pls hide my identity. I am a graduate who is awaiting NYSC and am 21years old. Well i met this guy on social media about two months ago and somehow we started chatting and it started feeling like i have known him for a long time. I didnt even notice we chat all the time until he made mention of it. We decided to see in person. We saw few weeks back and it was nice seeing him although am usually not the fan of short guys infact i always tell my friends i cant date a short guy but all of a sudden it didnt matter anymore. He asked me out and i agreed to date him. The problem now is i have never had sex and i usually dont tell people that because it’s not something to be proud of. But i had to tell him since we are dating so he would know. Honestly when we kiss and makeout its hard for me because i feel the urge to have sex but i dont want to and i dont know how long he can wait for me to be ready to have sex with him. I dont know if I’d be ready to have sex with him because i dont even know if the relationship would work and i have had this mindset of wanting to have just one sexual partner in this life time. What should i do?


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