October 3, 2016

“I’m not the kind of girl he thinks I am”

"I'm not the kind of girl he thinks I am"

From a female blog reader:

Dear family, kindly help post this immediately and keep me anonymous . I met this guy at work, he works at the head office while I work at a branch, we met and exchanged numbers, he calls are random and we chat a few times but the comm wasn’t that good, i really liked this guy so the first time we met was at his house, he wanted us to have sex buh i couldn’t cos I am a virgin so I ended up giving him a head, after this the guy switched off, he didn’t call to inquire if I got home safely and since then he doesn’t call up to the extent of blocking me on whatsapp. My issue now is I feel so used,disrespected and thoroughly disgusted with myself! I feel like I lost my self respect and I feel so embarrassed that I hang my head down each time we re in the same room or meeting. I also feel that we should have a sit down so I can explain that am not that kind of girl or what do you guys think?Insults will be appreciated, thanks for this platform!


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