April 11, 2016

Incredible! Police Arraigns Suspect Whose Job Is Framing People For Stealing From Him

 Incredible! Police Arraigns Suspect Whose Job Is Framing People For Stealing From Him

20-year-old Sarduna Onum (pictured above wearing baggy shorts) survives by accusing people of stealing his money, reporting them to police and then getting compensation from his victims.

Sarduna’s cup ran to the fill when he recently lodged a similar case at the Onikan Police station in Lagos but unfortunately for him a policewoman who recognized him from a previous case that happened while she served in Bayelsa notified her colleagues who rounded him up before he finally confessed.

In his statement Sarduna wrote:

“I started visiting Police Stations to give false information that some men robbed me of money and handsets which was not true due to hardship I suffered after my father died few years ago. And I have given false information of robbery attack on me to the police in Bayelsa ,Rivers, Ogun and Lagos states and the Police always believe me because to my age and innocent look. And when they lead me to the crime scene, I will point at innocent people as the suspects, and the police will arrest them and take them to the station unknown to them that I fabricated the allegations just to get money to survive. And at the station, I will threaten the police to charge the suspects to court or I write a petition against them, and with the threat, all the arrested suspects will find a way to refund what I claimed they stole from me.

And the police have not been able to detect that I was lying until the female officer who investigated a similar case for me in Bayelsa State last year exposed me when she saw me narrating the same robbery story to the police at Onikan Division, Ikoyi, Lagos.

I believe Almighty God wants me to repent that is why he sent the police officer who investigated a similar case I reported at a police station in Bayelsa State last year to Lagos to expose me. I am appealing to the Nigerian Police to forgive me for deceiving them to arrest innocent people for me to extort money from them”.

The suspect has since been arraigned in court but granted bail of 50,000 naira which hasn’t been paid, meaning he would be remanded in Ikoyi prison until his next hearing on April 25th.

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