September 28, 2016

“Is asking for a spare key to my boyfriend’s house a bad thing?”

"Is asking for a spare key to my boyfriend's house a bad thing?"

From a female blog reader:

Please I need ur audience Advice
I have been dating my bf for 2 good years now,he is 30yrs old and I’m 22. just like every normal relationship we hv our ups and down
So recently my bf just started living on his own (he got his own apartment) before he was staying with family members tho it was a big house where u kinda hv ur own privacy
So back to the main issues
Weeks back I gave my bf a surprise visit to his house, tho on a normal day he comes to pick me every weekend like he always comes to pick me whenever he wants me around. He wasn’t happy about the surprise visit and told me not to come to ‘his house without informing him,I asked him y he would tell me not to come to his house without informing him if I was his gf then he apologised and said it was wrong to give surprise visit that it’s like I don’t trust him.that phrase ended
Back to last week. I told him I wanted an access to his house probably he drops d key somewhere for me or he should give me a spare key because I would like to come whenever I like or when d gen goes bad in my apartment, my bf got really upset and said No
That I can’t have access if I wouldn’t be informing him before coming. This has become a big issue and I’m beginning to think of all sort he kept saying I don’t trust him that’s y I’m asking for a spare key that I should give him benefit of doubt
But really if he has got nothing to hide y should it be so difficult for him to give me a spare key???
Please I would love to know what u guys think and what u think I should do,I will be reading every comment thanks.


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