June 19, 2016

James Vardy isn’t happy with his look-alike Lee Chapman

James Vardy isn't happy with his look-alike Lee Chapman

Remember James Vardy’s look-alike who was spotted with him inside Leicester City’s team bus after their Premier League title win? His name is Lee Chapman and James Vardy isn’t too happy with him anymore.

When asked why he blocked Chapman on Twitter, the English striker told newsmen:

“Why did I block who? Lee Chapman? Am I not allowed to block anyone? There’s a lot of people blocked on my Twitter for various reasons that I don’t need to go into.”

Activities on Chapman’s social accounts show he’s in France for the Euro 2016 Championship. Reports say Chapman is doing some “funny” and “”annoying” things and posting it on social media while some fans are tagging Vardy in their comments. This could explain why the Leicester City striker was pissed off.

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