February 22, 2017

Judgement hanging on corrupt politicians- Adeboye’s wife

Judgement hanging on corrupt politicians- Adeboye's wife

Wife of the Redeemed Church of God leader, Foluke Adeboye, has stated that God will soon judge corrupt politicians.
  She was speaking at a function called Women Against Corruption in Lagos which sought to give women leverage and a sense of duty in the corruption war.

  In her words:
“It is going to be well with Nigeria, because the work of this nation mostly rests on women. If you give anything to a woman, you have indirectly given it to a nation.

“We should get back to the basics which is the home, because from the home every good thing starts. Let us drive the anti-corruption campaign in our homes; let us put things right; change whatever needs to be changed, and correct whatever needs to be corrected to ensure that corruption is no longer plaguing the Nigerian society and that Nigeria reaches its God-ordained destiny..

“When children are contented and they learn from their parents that corruption is evil, there’s no way they will go into the society and begin to misuses good opportunities that have been given to them to serve.

“Whoever is corrupt or harbours proceeds of corruption , and is getting away with it, a day of punishment is coming, because God is not asleep.”


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