June 11, 2016

Kemi Afolabi shuns rumours: I’m not bleaching

Kemi Afolabi shuns rumours: I'm not bleaching

The Yoruba movie actress in an interview with Ademola Olonilua talked about her personal life.

Her words:

I have never been a dark person. If you see people bleaching, you will know; you can never see dark patches on my knuckles. My mother and my younger sister are fair in complexion but I am not as fair as they are. Over time with the kind of job we do, we are always under the light and my dermatologist has told me that I need to tone my skin. Before now, I used to have a lot of pimples on my face and the moment you begin to administer some things on it like creams, cleansers, then you start getting lighter. I am not bleaching but I have been made to understand that to keep the skin healthy, I need to tone my skin to make it have a particular kind of look. I have never bleached and I will never bleach. I am not bleaching.

On her tattoos, she added:

 I got the tattoo before I became an actress. When I was in UNILAG, there was a woman who owned a boutique in school and she wanted me to be the face of the boutique. We were taking pictures when a guy that had a tattoo shop there told me that if I had a tiny tattoo somewhere on my body, it would fit me especially if I wore a spaghetti top. That was when I did it and I regret it now…I have but someone told me that the mark would never go. They say that it would only be covered and what they told me was not too encouraging, so I just left it.

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