October 16, 2016

Many Nigerians don’t pay tax, they do wicked acts to Nigeria – President Buhari

Many Nigerians don't pay tax, they do wicked acts to Nigeria - President Buhari

Nigerian leader President Muhammadu Buhari was speaking to a group of Nigerian businessmen and executives in Germany shortly before his departure from the European nation on Saturday 15 October 2016.

According to Buhari:

“If you work hard and get your money we will try and see how much tax you can pay us, but to take money from government and get away with it no more.

“One third of the activities of the oil marketers are fraudulent, you can see how some of us Nigerians are wicked. They just take the money, stamp some papers without bringing the product and this fraudulent activity was between bankers and businessmen.

“We are working hard to empower our institutions especially our educational institutions.

“If you educate a person that is the best you can do for him but if not you make him susceptible to religious, ethnic, negative thinking and action.

“Nigerians are virtually supporting us in our fight against corruption, security and the economy.”


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