February 23, 2017

MMM announces new strategy for guiders

MMM announces new strategy for guiders

Popular ponzi scheme, MMM, has come up with new strategies for guiders and participants.

According to them. guiders must provide help before withdrawing their bonuses.

The statement reads:

“You constantly reproach us stating we don’t listen to your opinions however we really do. We try to carry out the most reasonable and efficient suggestions immediately.

Particularly, in accordance with your suggestions, we will soon take the following measures:
We will stop the growth of confirmed Mavros acquired before the 1st of January 2017.

We will freeze the bonuses received before the 1st of January 2017 (so that limited withdrawal of Mavro-2016 will include only contributions, not bonuses).

We will introduce a new rule according to which the withdrawal amount cannot exceed triple amount of the provided help (so, GH cannot exceed PH more than in 3 times).

Many participants and guiders withdraw bonuses in such big amounts without PH that it threatens the stability of the whole System. (We don’t agree, however we will accept preferences of the majority. With this rule, you can’t withdraw only bonuses without providing help.

Therefore, keep on sending us your suggestions. We will take them into account (At least, we will try).”

The development has been greeted with mixed feelings from participants.


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