October 16, 2016

“My boyfriend’s manhood is too small and I demanded an enlargement”

"My boyfriend's manhood is too small and I demanded an enlargement"

From a female blog reader:

You are all wonderful people. I have a problem which my boyfriend and I need urgent help solving. First of all I must say that I have the best boyfriend in the world. He loves me so much,he treats me like a princess,thought me how to cook and never complains when I cook badly. He even helps me out with assignments whenever he’s around,even though we didn’t study the same course he even seems to know my course better than me,he’s very intelligent and a go-getter. In fact I dare say I have learnt more from him than I learnt from my parents but that’s a story for another day. The problem is my bf has an average sized penis,it’s below six inches,he’s very good in bed and lasts quite long but I still need more inches,I’ve cheated on him once in the past(not cos of his penis size anyway)and he found out and forgave me even before I apologized,he’s that wonderful. I gathered courage and spoke to him about it and he said it bothers him too and he has been looking out for penis enlargement products but he doesn’t know which one to trust and since he doesn’t have a steady source of income yet he can’t afford to waste money trying different products. So please family help me recommend a good tested and trusted penis enlargement product so I can buy for my bf I want to surprise him. Please this is the man I’d like to marry I don’t want anybody else. P.S: Don’t recommend one you haven’t tried. Please notify me when you post. I love you so much.


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