September 26, 2016

“My girlfriend is fond of cheating and apologizing”

"My girlfriend is fond of cheating and apologizing"

From a male blog reader:

I have been dating my girlfriend since 2013,I have taken her to my parents and she has taken me to hers to the extent that our parents have been calling each other on phone. The problem started when in Sept 2015 she started mingling with some friends,she has been cheating on me and she always come back to beg and would even confess everything she did to me…in April we broke up before coming back in August,the phone she uses now was bought by another guy and even though she loves me and I love
Her too,she still won’t stop cheating,we have prayed in not less than 16 places and they always say we are meant for each other,none of the pastors have ever said anything negative about just confused , I have tried to break up but always finding it hard. Do i move on considering what all this pastors have said or just let go completely.. This is a lady I intend to marry and her parents and siblings love me so much,her mum would call me everytime and moreso we once stayed together for a Year and she never cheated all those times until Sept last year.she has really changed and nags now alot…now she went to meet my cousin last week and still claiming she wants the relationship but the problem is she will never stop cheating ,even with her ex…we are supposed to get married next year


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