October 20, 2016

My wife behaves like a kid, blog reader laments

 My wife behaves like a kid, blog reader laments
From a male blog reader:

My problem is about my wife,she is in her 40s and we are done with kids. I love her very much but she is making me hate her because of her new found attitude.
I believe some certain things are meant for some certain age group. My wife wears all this tight tops,tight Jeans and dresses that makes her look bolted like a pig.
Her make up are so loud and bitchy and she looks very ugly and funny wearing them .
The most annoying is her sex sound,she licks her hands, put her fingers in her mouth and scream very loud like a little girl.she makes this very annoying face and makes some animal sounds that just gets to my bones . I have been warning her to stop all that but she won’t listen .
I took her to a friends wedding anniversary and she embarrassed me with her dance step, my wife was busy dancing like a child, rolling her waist and dancing the sex dance. It was so irritating I just had to go sit in the car. If she does not stop this silly act, I might be forced to move out of the house and ask for a separation. Somethings are meant for young girls,when you are old you should be able to respect yourself.
I might be needing advise from the young gentlemen and ladies in this platform just to see if anybody agree with me.
Warm regards    


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