October 26, 2016

“My wife is humiliating me because she’s pregnant”

"My wife is humiliating me because she's pregnant"

Lol. This one is from a married blog reader:

Mothers in the house I need your help.
I think my wife is over reacting on this her pregnancy issue,she has turned my body to a punching bag,she slaps at every slight opportunity,hit me, punch me, and even bite me. But my anger is that she takes it public even in the hospital .
The slap is the worst of all, simple question
Baby what will you eat, she lands me a very hot slap
Baby are you ok, she lands me a slap, I was almost forced to react the last time in the hospital.
Please mothers in the house tell me if this is normal or is my wife mad? I have spoken to her mum about it and she keeps telling me to be calm.
This is just her first baby,so she will kill me if she carries the 2nd baby. I need advise before I loose it.
Thanks to this site.


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