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Guys, Meet Our 3 Winners/Readers of the Month for June 2017!

It took me this long to announce our winners because I went through ALL the comments and verified EVERY nomination made.

Nominations that were made by readers who have never commented on this blog till July 1st were not counted. And the readers include:

  • Beloved, Bisola, Wise One, John, Precious Ozowa,
  • Rotten Tomatoes (someone thinking he/she was smart used RT’s name. Where I caught him/her was email used. This person used an email address the real Rotten Tomatoes has never used before)
  • Chommy, Hot Shot, Honey Pointer (voted twice with different names for different people each time)
  • Kayode Animashaun, Chris Bankz (whoever this person is impersonated the real Chris Bankz. Email he/she used to comment has never commented on this blog before now)
  • Pastor, Chizzy, Unbreakable Me, Vicky, Mary Ade-Eko, Madam B, Barbara
  • Boy o Boy, Biola, Ruth, Segun, WB Shobande, Abimbola Flora, Queen, Afi (real Afi was impersonated)
  • Israel Ukie (never commented before on the blog), Zinny Ukeni, Omosco Henry, Joseph Okafor, Hamburg, Do Nald, Islander
  • Tina Anderson (real Tina was impersonated. The fake Tina spelt Tina Andersson’s name wrongly and used a different email address)
  • Milky Way and much more handles

Again, we need to understand something – everybody deserves to WIN! Unfortunately, we can only reward three persons every month.

If you don’t win today, do not worry. You will win the next month or next.

Laila’s Blog is also taking this giveaway up a notch. Instead of N50,000, we are increasing our giveaway to N100,000 which will be won by 4 people at the end of the year 2017.

What this means is  – From July 31st, our 3 readers of the month will win N20,000 but come December 30th, 2017, there will be 4 Overall winners who will win N100,000 for being:

  • The Most Hilarious commenter – N25,000
  • The Most Consistent commenter – N25,000
  • 2nd Most Consistent commenter – N25,000
  • The Most Constructive commenter – N25,000

If you’ve won any of our “Readers of the Month” before, you are eligible & can still win our “Overall” at the End of the Year.

If you’ve won any of our Readers of the Month, from July 30th, you can not win the monthly giveaways again till time for the Overall winners at the end of the year.

Please also note, asking me to pick this or that person as a winner or you’ll leave the blog can never influence my decision. If you’ve done it before, don’t do it again. It’s disrespectful. It won’t work.

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Babyeyez, Steve Binko, & Nwachukwu Belinda Nkem. You guys won our Most Consistent – N15k, Most Hilarious – N20k, & Most Constructive – N15k commenters respectively for the month of June, 2017 based on the votes received.

Guys, Meet Our 3 Winners/Readers of the Month for June 2017!

We appreciate having you and your entertaining comments here with us. ?? Please send me your bank account details via my email – [email protected]

We will do this again, guys, come July 31st, 2017, end of this month

To Be Our Next Reader of the Month for July – All you’ve got to do is to be a Regular Commenter on our blog.

Not just a regular commenter, become one of us and share comments most of us will enjoy reading and look forward to. We are a family on Laila’s Blog.

I can’t wait to announce our winner come July 31st. See you then!

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