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Job: Sales Associate

About the Company

Ellie’s Fashion is the Home of Accessible Fashion. We are a fashion and beauty lifestyle brand. Our goal is to help everyday people like you and I find their personal style. We know fashion is for everyone but your style is yours, and knowing your style and learning how to make it yours builds confidence so you can take on the world.

We carry the best and latest brands in Fashion, Beauty, Makeup and more for the entire family.
Location: Egbeda

About the Job

The purpose of this job description is to provide you with the expectations and specific areas of responsibility as a Sales Associate. Having a clear expectation of your duties is an important aspect of doing your job well as you would be held accountable if you fail to perform your duties as listed in this Job Description.

Job Description

The duties you are expected to perform are:

Customer Service.

• You are expected to assist in providing Customer Service to all customers such as greeting and interacting with customers in a friendly manner.

• Respond to customer’s questions and assist them in making decisions.

• Deal with customer’s complaints and escalate issues when necessary.

• Follow through on promises made to customers.

• Practice professional telephone courtesy and take messages appropriately and when needed.


• Actively participate in the selling process as an individual or as a team and enter related data and records.

• Consistently implement all selling techniques like presenting accessories and add-ons.

• Understanding the customer lifestyle information and use it in the sales process.

• Learn about products and follow all procedures outlined.

• Run errands and work efficiently with other staff.

• Adhere to all company policies.

• Maintain a positive and professional relationship with co-workers.

• Bring all concerns and requests to management.

• Participate in all team meetings.

• Report all incidents, accidents, and disputes that may occur to management.

• Respond to constructive feedback.

• Ensure you come into work on time and maintain a professional well-groomed appearance and maintain good hygiene.


• High School Certificate/Diploma

• Excellent communication & Problem-Solving Skills.

• Be Computer Literate.

• Must be a Fast Learner.

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