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Protect Your Salary With SPIS Salary Protection Insurance Scheme With SA

Main Benefits

Payment of salary for a period of 2 years on a defined scaled basis

1st 6months 100% of your salary
2nd 6months 75% of your salary
3rd 6months 50% of your salary
last 6months 25% of your salary

Other Benefits

Supplementary benefit: we still pay you if you get a job that pays lest than your previous salary.

Single sum benefit: If you are no longer employable because of age or health, we will pay you once to start up business.

Price :Premium rating is based on individual employment risk profile. Know how much you will pay, Whatsapp me. 08035420989.

You can pay as low as #3,000 monthly premium. to cover a total salary of 75,000 e.g the more your salary the more your premium.

And a total sum assured of #1,125,000 up to #15,000,000 will be paid to the policy holder for 24months Hoping, you will get another job b4 the end of 2yrs.

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