Reconsider the ban on transfers of Teachers – Teacher writes to GES Director General

Reconsider the ban on transfers of Teachers – Teacher writes to GES Director General


Dear Director General I want to take the opportunity to congratulate you on your new appointment as the Director General of Ghana Education Service. Since you assumed office, this will be my first official communication to you. I pray the Lord grant you the wisdom to improve the face of education in the country. I pledge my full support to championing quality education.

Please I want to draw your attention to an unfavourable policy you inherited from your predecessor, that is ” BAN ON TRANSFER AND RELEASE OF TEACHERS AND OTHER EMPLOYEES OF THE GHANA EDUCATION SERVICE”.

The policy was introduced by your predecessor and upon your assumption of duty as the new Director General, teachers expected you to bring some new ideas on board as you take away some unfavourable ones like the one above and some others.

What this policy means is that a teacher cannot seek transfer from one school to another even within the same district or release from one district to another in the same region, let alone to think about moving from one region to another. My concern is not to explain your own policy to you, but I want you to know how badly I and several others that the policy is implemented on have been affected by it.

Your policy mean to us that if you are working somewhere in the Ghana Education Service and all things turn against you, that your life is in a very dangerous situation, you must keep quiet and die in the unjust situation

Sir, truly our silence has been loud, but we cannot continue being silent to perish while something can be done. The fact remains that we are NOT comfortable with this very policy your office brought on us.

The policy restricts the Ghanaian teacher and makes him a prisoner in an open place. It has turned the teacher into a slave, the teacher now feels a stranger in his own country. The policy further opens the system to so many negative practices. It has strengthened the unfortunate practice of collecting money and other materials from teachers to grant them assurance and release. We cry day and night looking into the air, asking ourselves “When”

The 1992 constitution of Ghana, per article 24 (1) provides as follow. ” Every person has the right to work under satisfactory, safe and healthy condition and shall receive equal pay for equal work without distinction of any kind”.
The ban on transfer and release contradicts this provision in the constitution. Not only the constitution suffered this breach, but other labour laws including the Labour Act 2003, section (10). The ban also contradicts a provision in your own appointment letter given to the teacher which establishes the agreement between you and the teacher that the teacher is eligible to seek transfer or release after serving three years at his place of work.

Any teacher who seeks transfer or release will base his reason on either of the conditions stated. No normal teacher will want to leave a place he or she feels satisfied and secure for another place.

Thousands of your teachers and other workers of the service have their life threatened at their various working places and have sought for transfer, but were all denied by the Municipal Directors just because of the ban your office placed on transfer and release.

Sir, I want to appeal to your high office to take a second look at this policy and consider its harms and LIFT THE BAN with an immediate effect.

The ban has placed your teachers in a very tight conner and they struggle to free themselves, but that seems impossible. It has made them slaves and they cry day and night waiting to see you lift it to give them some relief, but they cannot tell what the future holds for them as far as the unfortunate ban is still in force. They are running out of patience. The 2016/2017 academic year is also ending. July 27, 2017 is just the final day for us to close docket on the academic year. We waited last year that the ban will be lifted for us to have some kind of freedom, and exercise our constitutional duties freely in our lawful chosen profession, but that was only in vain. We never gave up, we are still waiting this year too, but nothing seems to have changed.

May be there was no official communication to your office on how we feel about the policy, I want to officially appeal to your high office as a matter of concern to all teachers to lift the ban on transfer and release, so that the Ghanaian teacher can also work under satisfactory, safe and healthy condition and to have a sound mind and work happily.

Counting on your usual Co- Operation

Larbi Freeman
Email: [email protected]

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