June 27, 2016

Nigeria’s economic woes has affected my earning – “One chance” robber

Nigeria's economic woes has affected my earning - "One chance" robber

A robbery suspect arrested in Lagos State last week has lamented that Nigeria’s economic problems have affected his “one chance” robbery business. The robber named Adeleke Rasaq, his partner Lucky John and their “passengers” whom collectively used to disguise as bus driver, conductor and commuters to rob travellers of their valuables were nabbed by Policemen at Abule Egba on Friday.

Said Adeleke while the gang was paraded at the Lagos Police Command headquarters:

“John and I live in Badagry. Every day, we go to Abule Egba, Agege, Fagba, Egbeda to operate. As soon as we make enough money, we retire for the day. I teamed up with John because picking people’s pockets is not easy. We had to team up to make more money to survive.

“We don’t make much money like before. The present economic condition in the country and the ‘change’ has greatly affected ‘one-chance’ robbery; everywhere is dry. Since Monday, we have been sharing N20, 000, N30, 000 and N40, 000. Before, when I operate alone, I could make close to N150, 000. Now, things are difficult.

“I resigned from the factory where I worked after I noticed that my friends in the Ajegunle area were living large. It has been six years since I joined this gang. We don’t call it robbery, we call it hustling.”

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